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Frequently Asked Questions

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Send a parcel

My parcel has not been collected, who do I contact?

My parcel has not been collected, who do I contact? Your first point of contact should always be us, first you can check the status of your parcel in the tracking section. If still in doubt contact us with your tracking details.

I don't have scales to weigh my parcel, what should I do?

We work hard to give you the best pricing for your package. If there are any differences in the weight or size of your parcel there can be a big difference in the costs so it is important to get it right. You may want to take the package to your nearest Post Office to get an accurate weight. Feel free to get a price for comparison while you are there! We reserve the right to take further payments if your measurements are not accurate.

What is volumetric weight?

Some services are based on volumetric weight. This is calculated by the formula length x weight x height / 5000. If this exceeds the actual weight of the item then this is used to calculate the price.

Do you have any size/weight restrictions?

Each service has its own restrictions, you can see these on the service detail sections.

Do I need to add a customs invoice to my package?

When sending a package outside of the EU, you will need to enter customs details. It is important that this is entered accurately as failure to submit this information can cause extra duties/clearance fees or even your package being destroyed. Payment of customs charges are the responsibility of the recipient.