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What is Volumetric Pricing for International Postage?

24 June 2015
Parcel Delivery

If you send parcels already, you probably know all about volumetric or dimensional pricing. When sending internationally, size matters! You will know that this can be a real pain to calculate; especially when sending multi-part orders or when items don't fit in square boxes. Don't worry: Super Postie has a solution!

What is Volumetric Pricing?

Volumetric Pricing is what most of the main international couriers, and some domestic couriers, use to calculate the price of sending a package. Basically, it takes into account the size of the package as well as the weight.

The general calculation is length x width x height in centimetres divided by 5000. Then the greater of this answer vs the actual weight is used to calculate the price.


A package weighing 5kg which measures 40cm x 40cm x 40cm / 5000 = 12.8kg. This package would be charged at 12.8kg

How Can My E-Commerce Site Calculate Volumetric Shipping?

So, your shiny new e-commerce site is almost ready for launch, you have negotiated some shipping prices and entered them into your admin. Then it dawns on you that if a customer adds more than one item to their basket and the shipping charge goes to pot... It is easy to work out the size of one item, but when the customer orders multiple items it becomes a little tricky. Will the small item fit into the same box as a larger item, or is one item slightly too long etc etc. Miscalculating shipping prices can be a real issue, price too high and you may get lots of customers abandoning their baskets (shipping price is THE number one reason for cart abandonment), too low and the shipping cost will eat into your margins!

How Can Super Postie Help?

We have struggled with a solution to the volumetric pricing issue, and decided the best way to deal with it is to go back to the good old way of doing things... Not charge volumetrically!! With our International Eco Service you can send anywhere in the world without the need for a tape measure. We only charge on the actual weight of the package! Not only does this service save you time and development fees for your ecommerce site, it is great value too! We can also give Super Discounts for regular senders!

Visit our home page for an instant quote and see how much you can save!