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Marquee and Pop Up Gazebo Company Delivery

31 May 2015
Customer Focus

Midland Marquees LogoMidland Marquees & Leisure offer a huge range of products. These items vary from a small pack of marquee carpet, to a huge marquee which comes in mutiple boxes, some long and some short. Midland Marquees were struggling to find a carrier who would provide all of these services at an affordable price, yet be reliable enough to deliver the products to their customers on time. Super Postie have done just that, providing next day services across the UK and Ireland. Some of the larger marquees are sent on pallets which we have given a special rate on.


Midland Marquees offer a huge range of marquees for sale, in fact one of the biggest ranges in the UK! These range from 3 metre by 3 metre, to huge 6 metre by 24 metre festival tents. They also carry marquee accessories such as carpet, lighting, heating and spare parts

Pop Up Gazebos

Pop Up Gazebos are also a large part of their sales, these are generally smaller than the marquees but still have multiple boxes, ie Frame box, sides and roof cover. The frame box is generally the long a bulky item and so provides more of a challenge pricing wise than the gazebo sides and roof.

Garden Furniture

Midland Marquees also carry a range of outdoor items such as furniture, fire pits, pizza ovens and bbqs. Again these can be fairly large/heavy items

Marquee Delivery

Super Postie have been able to offer next day mainland UK services for the whole catalogue. Midland Marquees are also looking to expand into more overseas deliveries which we are keen to help on.

If you have a bespoke shipping requirement then please get in touch, we would love to help!

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