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Brexit Export Boom for UK Companies

29 June 2016

The EU Referendum result was unexpected for most, but it sent the expected shockwaves through the stock markets around the world. The pound plunged and the newspapers and media outlets reported widespread doom and gloom. However, it seems that whilst most people seem to be concentrating on the negatives, Brexit is a great opportunity for UK businesses, at least in the short term whilst the pound is comparatively low. Our customers are certainly reaping the benefits!

Post Brexit Exports At Record Levels

Since the June 24th referendum results we are seeing record levels of export parcels from our customers. This, it would seem, is down to the fall in the value of the £ against many other currencies. Some of our customers are seeing 40% increases in their overseas orders and this is causing sales records to be broken! We are hearing that UK sales are steady too so if a shock is coming, it hasn't hit yet!

Our Special Relationship with USA

The main increase in exports has been with the US. The pound initially fell sharply against the US dollar and the savvy Americans seem to be taking advantage of this, one being quoted as saying "the Brits are having a sale!". With our customers, USA has always been the biggest market, followed by Australia and Europe coming in third. We don't know if this is purely down to our cheap shipping rates to USA as well as Australia. We mentioned in a previous article about US customers being able to buy products from our customers for less than a UK customer! Crazy but true!

Take Advantage of Brexit

We would urge all businesses to take advantage of this boom in overseas demand as soon as possible. Let your overseas customers know of the savings they could make, but of course make sure you have the best postage prices in place to maximise that saving even further. Super Postie offer excellent rates to all four corners of the planet, so get on board now!

The Future After Brexit

We are able to send parcels anywhere in the world, we are confident that will not change, regardless of the negotiations which will take place in Brussels over the next couple of years. It seems that other nations are falling over themselves to become trading partners with the UK. However, we are experts in customs clearance and rules and so a great partner for exporters.