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Super Postie Launch Parcel Delivery Service

26 March 2015
Parcel Delivery

After years of struggling with various couriers whilst running online businesses we decided enough was enough. We wanted to provide a service which would simplify the whole process whilst providing a fast, reliable service which is affordable to the masses. We want to see small businesses competing on an international scale with the big boys! Super Postie is not just for business though, individuals can use our service too!

Super Postie has developed relationships with some of the worlds biggest and best couriers so that you don't have to. We have taken the strongest companies in each field to give you the best services and, using our buying power, the best price.

Cost saving is always at the forefront of any service. Our Eco International service can save over 50% over the post office and great savings can be made over other similar services. 

One of the most difficult thing for individuals and small businesses is the complexity of courier pricing, especially for international services. Traditional services call for volumetric pricing, this means that for every parcel you will need to measure and weigh it. Then a calculation is used to calculate the chargeable weight. This can be particularly time consuming and it is very easy to make mistakes which will cost money. For small businesses with E-Commerce sites, this can mean paying developers to create very costly scripts to calculate shipping prices for your customers. This becomes even more difficult when customers order multiple items. Our Eco International service removes the need to measure parcels, all you need to do is weigh the parcel and you have your price. Think of the old adage "which is heavier, a kilo of feathers or a kilo of lead". With traditional methods the kilo of feathers will cost much more to send because the box to hold them will be much bigger! With Super Postie Eco International they will both cost the same!

Another way in which our Eco Intentional simplifys things is zoning. Many other services have various zones, some much more costly than others. With Eco International you can send anywhere in the world of the same price!

Super Postie also offer a very efficient quotation and booking system which can be accessed by anyone at The simple quotation system gives you the ability to compare the worlds leading courier services in seconds. Super Postie can save money whether you have a parcel to Birmingham, or Timbuktu!

Founded by Danny Page, Super Postie Ltd is based on the outskirts of Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire. With easy access to the motorway network, and close to East Midlands airport this is a superb strategic position for a courier firm.

"The aim of Super Postie is to give small businesses a level playing field when trying to expand and compete internationally against larger companies. Many smaller companies either cannot get competitive pricing, or don't have the time to shop around. We can do that work for you allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, selling your products! We simplify the whole process for you!"

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