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Why Choose Super Postie?

23 April 2015
Parcel Delivery

Royal Mail may have once been the go-to company when sending packages and parcels. But do you know by using Super Postie you can save money, and often get a better service at the same time? Many small businesses who use the Post Office also hate waiting in queues; when you use Super Postie, we will collect from your home or business, at a time that suits you.

Below you will see a price comparison of our services against the Royal Mail: the figures speak for themselves! All of the below figures are based on our dead weight services. That means that up to the maximum limit, the size does not matter. Many of our competitors only offer volumetric based pricing, so a package weighing 2kg, may actually be charged at 10kgs or more depending on its size!


The services shown above show an average 56.8% saving over services offered at the Post Office!

Prices correct as of 21/04/2015