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At Super Postie we provide courier services to the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and pretty much every country you would ever want to send to. Through experience, we know the best couriers to use for given situations, so we have taken the best, and left the rest! Our buying power means that you can save a packet on your shipments!

If you are a small/medium sized business, an individual selling on ebay, sending a parcel to a loved one, or even returning an unwanted item, we can help you save money on your postage!

How does it work?

  • We send a massive amount of parcels, and over the years have forged great relationships with the main couriers to get some great prices. We then pass on the savings to you!
  • When you book your package we either send a courier to collect, or you take the parcel to one of our drop off points.
  • Depending on the service you choose, the package will then either be injected straight into one of main postal networks, or be sent to Super Postie HQ for forwarding.
  • Your package is then delivered to its destination.

Why choose Super Postie?

  • Super Competitive pricing
  • Super Flexible services
  • No Hidden charges

Sending parcels can sometimes cost the earth. We set up Super Postie after running various mail order and online businesses where we spent years battling with courier companies over ever changing rates, fuel surcharges and services. We thought that there must be a better way which would allow small and medium sized businesses to compete with the big boys. Our bulk buying power means that we can pass on super rates to you!

We know it can be a challenge dealing with volumetric weights; measuring every parcel's weight and dimensions to figure out how much it will cost to send. Most courier companies will use the largest out of the dead weight and the volumetric weight (length x width x depth / 5000) to charge you. Our Eco International service eliminates volumetric charge, so all you need to know is the weight. In other words if you send a box of feathers weighing 5kg in a massive box, you will pay the same as if you send a lump of iron in a small box which also weighs 5kg. We think it is much easier to calculate the dead weight of an item than the volumetric weight!

Our site allows you to get an instant quotation by simply providing the weight, size and destination of your parcel, then book it in with just a few easy steps. As long as you give us accurate information when you book, there won't be any hidden charges.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, so welcome any suggestions!

Danny Page
Director, Super Postie Ltd